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With recent trend of smartphones and mobile devices slowly replacing desktop and laptop computers many desktop applications vendors started to transition their apps to mobile platforms. All major office software vendors released versions of their software for iOS and Android mobile platforms. Due to increased competition in mobile software space and opportunity to get more customers for desktop versions of their applications major mobile word processing apps are currently offered for free for certain device sizes.

Mobile word processing apps like Microsoft Word app and Apple Pages app automatically store documents in the cloud. This prevents accidental data loss and makes sharing documents much easier. Storing documents in the cloud also enables collaboration scenarios like editing the same document simultaneously by multiple users or annotating a document which is currently being edited.

Microsoft Word App

Microsoft Word for mobile provides feature rich and easy to use interface for mobile document editing tasks. Microsoft Word mobile app supports some formatting features available in desktop version of the app like changing font of the text, making it bold, italic or strikethrough.

Microsoft Word is offered for free on iPhone, iPad and iPhone devices. You will need to sign up for a free Microsoft Office account to be able to edit and save documents. If you’re using an iPad Pro then you will only get a 30-day Microsoft Office 365 subscription trial. After that the charge is $6.99 a month. Certain features of Microsoft Word app are only available with a paid subscription. This includes changes tracking and review, pages and section breaks, additional colors and more. Also paid subscription for Microsoft Office includes one terabyte of OneDrive storage.

Download Microsoft Word for iOS

Download Microsoft Word for Android

Apple Pages App

Apple Pages for iOS and Android is part of the Apple iWork mobile suite. It is released for free and provides many basic and advanced word processing features. Besides changing styles of the text, you can add drawing objects, images, videos, charts and tables. This allows creating nice looking and rich documents. Documents are automatically stored to the cloud which makes it easy to share them to other devices including desktop ones.

Download Apple Pages for iOS

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