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Apple iWork and related file extensions

Apple Pages is part of Apple iWork software package which also includes Apple Keynote and Apple Numbers software. While Apple Pages is used to make text documents, Apple Keynote is used to make presentations, and Apple Numbers is used for spreadsheets.

Keynote and Numbers use KEY and NUMBERS file extensions correspondingly. Similar to Apple Pages both of the extensions use proprietary Apple binary file format to store presentation and spreadsheets information.

To open .KEY or .NUMBERS files you can either use corresponding iWork application or upload files to the cloud and use “Download As…” functionality in Apple online applications.

Each of Apple iWork applications has a corresponding application in Microsoft Office. Apple Keynote corresponds to Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Pages to Microsoft Word and Apple Numbers to Microsoft Excel. Same applies to file extensions: .PAGES corresponds to .DOCX, .NUMBERS corresponds to .XLSX and .KEY corresponds to .PPTX.

As Apple migrates its iWork package to the cloud, importance of file extensions becomes somewhat less important. When document is stored in the cloud it can be easily shared and opened to any computing platform which has a compatible browser or app installed. This way there is no need to worry about file extensions anymore because corresponding application is always available: either from a browser or from an app.

While previously being a paid application, Apple iWork is now available for free with any of the Apple devices released after 2013.

Apple iWork Components

Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote was the first application in iWork suite. Apple Keynote was introduced in 2003 as a competitor to Microsoft PowerPoint. Its functionality centers around making presentations and playing presentations. Its functionality is somewhat similar to Microsoft PowerPoint though certain differences exists like an easy data exchange with other Apple apps like iMovie, iPhone, iTunes, etc. and integration with iOS Keynote app for an easier control of presentation flow. For more information visit an official Apple Keynote page.

Apple Pages

Apple Pages was a second app introduced to the Apple iWork software suite in 2005. It is a competitor to Microsoft Word with many similar features. It is great for many simple document creation tasks and has many great templates to create a nice-looking documents. For more information visit an official Apple Pages page.

Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers was introduced to Apple iWork software suite in 2007 thus making it complete with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps in one package. Apple Numbers competes with Microsoft Excel for a home usage. In complex office and enterprise application Microsoft Excel outperforms Apple Numbers by features and complexity of data it can process. For more information visit an official Apple Numbers page.

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PAGES Quick Info
Apple Pages File Format
  • application/x-iwork-pages-sffpages
Opens with
  • Apple Pages
  • LibreOffice