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With availability of high-speed internet in almost every household certain categories of software completely or partially are moving to the cloud. This migration includes word processing applications. Moving word processing to the cloud lowers requirements for end user computer since only web browser is required on the user computer. Office software in the cloud enables easy sharing of the documents between users and enables several collaboration scenarios.

Below are major players in word processing cloud space. All of them provide fully functional online word processing application with rich formatting, complex content and tables. All of them are also provided free of charge so you can choose an online application which best matches your needs.

Microsoft Word Online (part of Office Online)

Microsoft Office Online is a dominant cloud office suite with more than 50% of the market share. It was shipped to public in 2010 and is available free of charge. It allows editing Microsoft Word documents inside the web browser and could be started from Microsoft OneDrive. It supports most of the complex formatting from standalone desktop version of Microsoft Word. It also allows concurrent editing of the same document by multiple users.

Microsoft Word Online allows exporting document in the DOCX, ODT and PDF file formats. Microsoft Word online supports latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Microsoft OneDrive support and integration is available from standalone Microsoft Office for Desktop and Mobile platforms.

Visit Microsoft Word online website.

Google Docs (part of Google Drive)

Google Docs was one of the first cloud word processing applications. It was released in 2006 and based on Writely from Upstartle company which Google acquired in August 2005. Beta testing status was removed from Google Docs in 2009. According to Datanyze Google Docs has approximately 17% of market share based on websites analysis.

Google Docs can export a document in DOCX, ODT, RTF, PDF, TXT, Zipped HTML, and EPUB file formats. Google Docs supports latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Google Docs is not available as a standalone desktop application. Mobile version of Google Docs is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Visit Google Docs website.

iCloud Pages (part of iCloud)

iCloud Pages is a full featured word processing application available online and accessible from

Ability to store documents in the iCloud was added to Apple Pages in July 2012. In October 2013 collaboration features were released.

iCloud Pages support export of the document in PAGES, PDF, DOCX, EPUB file formats. iCloud Pages can run on latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

iCloud support is integrated in standalone Apple Pages desktop and mobile applications.

Visit iCloud website.

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